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e my internet got off and all my progress is now Gone

Yes, as you can see, the project is in developement, many updates are coming, your progress will be saved eventually.

forget that one of not upgrade i got 10 k and discovered the new ball thingy,,,, STILL great game :>

Its, pretty Much an pretty simple game,,, But i honestly find it very fun, the idea of instead of *wasting* points instead u need to only get the points it make it easier because u dont need to worry about it AND the fact that you just need to bounce once. then wait some time to get various and then stop is really cool

Honestly really simple, But interesing and great game

9/10 ( for now reached 5 k points ) still increasing

Though I don't like casual clicker games, this is okayish to just see what happens next. Got till 600 and that's it. However, I was unable to find the controls, for some reason, it was just working, don't know still how. Also, upon doing fullscreen the balls are not visible when on the ground. So, check that. 

Thanks for the feedback, the controls are just dragging the mouse as if you throwed the ball around and I don't know how to fix the invisible ball problem because it works just fine for me, I will work on that, can you please specify which version you were playing on (web or downloaded file) Thanks!

Web version.